Vive Integration with Extron

A new video explaining Lutron Vive integration with Extron touch panels is now live.

Integration with Extron, a leader in AV technology, brings Vive wireless lighting control together with Extron touchpanels for simple, responsive control and enhanced smart-building solutions. This provides a solution that easily combines advanced lighting control with features such as room booking and AV control of monitors, screens, and other equipment.

This feature will be available on November 6th with a firmware update to the HJS-2 premium Vive hub.

Check out the new video explaining this integration and visit for more information.

Lutron Sunnata Touch Dimmer

The New Sunnata Touch Dimmer from Lutron features next generation design and technology, simply touch or swipe the light bar to set your lights. It also features a soft glow to help you find the switch at night, and the lights will gradually fade on and off to provide a soft on, and a smooth exit. Sunnata works wel with all bulb types because of Lutron’s industry leading LED+ advanced technology, providing superior dimming for dimmable LED, incandescent, and halogen bulbs.

347V Vive is Here

Vive, the simple, reliable, flexible wireless commercial lighting control solution from Lutron, available for facilities operating on 120V or 347V power. Vive installs up to 70% faster than wired control solutions and scales easily from a single office to an entire building. Get to know Vive: